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Why Buy Silver?

Silver was one of the first five elements to be discovered and used extensively by humans, and is still in top demand today. Ancient Greeks used the precious metal to create jewelry, art and ritual objects, and as a currency for both trading and storing wealth. In the modern era, silver takes its place as a highly respected store of value. Additionally, it has many contemporary practical uses, such as with photography, jewelry making, electronics and medicine.

Is silver a good investment?

During the thousands of years of its use by humans, silver has never defaulted like many national currencies. It cannot be unnaturally reproduced and inflated like fiat dollars since it is a physical resource with a limited supply. For that reason, and also due to its varied usefulness, silver has long been considered a safe-haven asset. Historically, investors have kept a portion of their portfolios dedicated to risk-hedging assets like physical silver. During times of economic uncertainty and recessions, interest and investment in silver increases, as it did during the Great Depression and more recently in 2020’s lockdown era, where the price of physical silver increased by over 40%.

Should I buy physical silver?

Today, more than ever, investors are looking for stores of wealth, and they are choosing to buy physical silver online as part of their long-term investment strategy. But why is it better to buy physical silver as opposed to buying a silver futures contract or a silver ETF (exchange traded fund)? Although an ETF or futures contract may give some investors a way to hedge other aspects of their portfolio, physical silver is superior because you own the silver outright, instead of a contract that involves 3rd party counter risk and the costs associated.

What is the best way to buy silver?

The main reason investors buy silver today is to protect and grow their wealth while enjoying a safe-haven asset outside of national currencies and other, closely correlated markets such as commodities and stocks. Since the idea is to buy and simply hold the physical silver, the most economical and convenient way is to buy silver online.

What kinds of physical silver can I buy?

When you buy silver online, there are various forms of physical silver that are available for investors, including:

  • Silver Bars - Silver bullion bars provide a no-nonsense approach that enables you to buy silver and store it easily and conveniently.
  • Silver Coins - Silver coins are especially valuable to coin collectors who view commemorative and rare silver coins to be a valuable asset to hold and pass down to their heirs. Additionally, such coins have a face value and are considered legal tender.
  • Silver Rounds - Rounds are also considered a collector’s item while representing a close correlation to the current market price. Unlike coins, rounds were never an actual currency, so they will not have any minting information or dates engraved on them as you’d see with coins. They are not considered legal tender as with silver coins.

Whether you decide to invest in silver bars, coins, or rounds, you’ll be doing what savvy investors have been doing for centuries - diversifying your portfolio to protect your wealth from market volatility. In today’s uncertain economic times, investing in a safe haven asset like physical silver provides a protective layer against recessionary tendencies and global turmoil.


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