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About Us

Established in 2010, we here at SilverCoin believe in the principle of sound money. And it is this passion that has led us to come together to create a financial asset that gives everyone access to free and honest money in the form of digital silver. SilverCoin is operated by (insert company name) which is incorporated in (insert company location).

The team is made up of an eclectic group of individuals with considerable experience in traditional finance, legal, IT, international banking, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Our goal is to create a highly accessible, liquid and easy-to-use silver -backed digital asset that gives the investor direct exposure to physical silver while enjoying the flexibility of frictionless money.

This is why we have chosen to create SilverCoin on the Ethereum blockchain. With many years of proven track record behind it, the Ethereum network offers the perfect balance of a low-cost solution that is secure and scalable. The ERC-20 standard is by far the most pervasive standard for stablecoins (a cryptographic token that is pegged to another real-world asset). With the largest development community of any blockchain network in the world, SilverCoin’s future has never been brighter as usher in a new era with physical and digital silver harmonize into a single asset.