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Why Buy Silver Online?

Throughout human history, silver has been one of the consistent standards for value. Its worth has outlasted every currency that has ever existed. Civilizations rose and fell while silver withstood the tide. In uncertain times, investors buy silver as a safety net. Demand for silver is always high and withstands dips in the economy. Indeed, silver value has historically moved completely independently of markets, stocks, and the demand for other types of products.

There is a reason that professional investors, banks, and governments all buy physical silver.

Buying silver is one of the smartest ways for a savvy investor to diversify their portfolio and protect themselves from market volatility. With today’s economic uncertainty, there’s never been a better time to create a nest egg of physical assets in case Wall Street falls off the metaphorical cliff.

How Do People Buy Physical Silver?

There are a few ways to buy physical silver. The most common options, however, are as bars and coins. The bars look exactly like what you’d expect if you’ve ever seen bullion in movies or on TV. Silver coins, meanwhile, are a currency that has existed since the metal was first discovered.

Silver Bars

Also known as silver bullion, silver bars are produced both privately and by various governments. They will range in size and can weigh anywhere from 1 to 400 ounces. Silver bars are most common in online transactions. When someone buys silver online, the bar usually carries a serial number, which can be useful for finding a silver bar in storage.

Because these bars are easy to form and do not carry complex designs, their cost is often less than their equivalent weight in coins. Spending less money on an asset is a definite advantage since you will be able to buy more of it. However, silver bars are not legal tender, so keep that in mind when purchasing them.

Silver Coins

These commonly range in size from 1g to 1kg. Coins have various pros and cons vs. silver bars.

On the pro side, coins usually have a face value and can be used as legal tender. Additionally, they are smaller than bars, which makes them easier to transport.

However, there is often a higher cost associated with coins since they often have intricate designs, and their production is more complex. Since they are legal tender, private mints do not create coins. Rather, they fall entirely under the purview of the government.

Silver Rounds

A variation on the silver coin is the silver round. They are the private mint equivalent of silver coins. While they often look like coins (and indeed, the production cost is similar), they cannot be used as legal tender. Because it is not the government that manufactures them, designers of silver rounds have full artistic freedom, which means some of these rounds can look truly stunning. If you’re looking at silver as a collector, this can be an option for you.

1/10 oz .9999 Fine Silver Round - Monarch

Buying Silver Online In 2020

Silver is easier than ever to buy online with SilverCoin. If you want to protect your assets, there is no easier way than to buy silver rounds, coins, or bars. When recessions and depressions hit, know that you have a nest egg that can carry you through the tough times and secure your financial future.

When buying or selling, it is highly recommended that you use a trusted seller like SilverCoin. Do your research, read reviews, and make certain you are getting fair market value and buying physical silver that is at least 99.5% purity (bars are commonly 99.9% pure). When investing in something valuable, do your due diligence. There is no point in taking chances when dealing with your future.

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